How are such photo shoots created? Accidentally. Katya and Denis got married in January. In the south of Germany, the weather is constantly changing. My couple was then warmed by the sun, then carried away by the wind, then watered by the rain. They were laughing, shivering, hiding from the rain. They were real. As a result, they received a cheerful memory from the dank winter rain, which will warm them for many years.

"I love to create a cinematic atmosphere, like an artist painting a picture. Sincerity, feeling, love - all this I want to leave in my photos."

My dear Katrin, when we met you turned my world upside down. You made my days more colorful, my evenings more fun and my dreams come true. You never doubted me and always supported me. You made me dance and let me prove that I can do it, as good as I can ice skate. I want to share my future with you, enjoy our life and, above all, never stop looking into your eyes again. I love youuuu! Forever!  How sweet is that.


Dieses Elopement Wedding Shooting war ein echtes Abenteuer! Sogar jetzt haben wir Gänsehaut, dass wir es wirklich getan haben und WIE wir es gemacht haben (es ist eine separate Geschichte)
Das erste Hochzeitsshooting in diesen Bergen am Lünersee, das wir überhaupt gesehen haben Unglaublich inspiriert, dankbar und stolz auf dieses schöne Paar und magische Fotos

Why climb up the mountain even though outside it is cold and windy October weather? Because at the foot of the mountain you would not find such colors, light, clouds and atmosphere. I am grateful for all the couples who are willing to climb the mountain despite the difficulties for the sake of art.